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27 October 2011

Mears Club Professional of the Year

DUBBO Golf Club Professional Craig Mears was honoured with the title of the PGA NSW Club Professional of the Year last week, for his dedication and su...

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Cart Hire

Non members ( $36 for 18 holes, $22 for 9 holes )
Members ( $30 for 18 holes, $18 for 9 holes )

The rules for the use of motorised golf vehicles are:

  1. Motorised golf vehicles must not be driven onto tees or greens or between greens or bunkers.
  2. No motorised golf vehicle shall be driven or left standing at the front or within 30 metres of a green.
  3. A motorised golf vehicle should not be driven ahead of play when a ball is still to be played.
  4. Where a golf cart is on the course no more than two persons may ride in the cart and under no circumstances are children permitted to drive the cart.
  5. Use of a motorised golf vehicle may at times be denied if Course conditions and or other circumstances warrant such action.